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Book 1


This book is written as a guide to help parents lovingly mould and nurture their children into responsible adults. Providing food, shelter and entertainment are elements of the very basic nurturing that we must provide for our children. However, if we want to go one step further and help our children to be productive members of society long after we’re not there to see the fruits of our labour, it’s our duty to formulate in their minds, an awareness of what is expected of them.

This guide was written by a qualified and experienced Youth Worker who has worked in her field for over ten years, in vastly different communities, with children and young people from diverse backgrounds. Many of the young people she works directly with are slightly or severely incongruous individuals seeking to find themselves and their positions in the already-developed communities around them. The strategies in this book are geared towards enabling parents to help these children and young people find their niche and take up their place, not as a parasite of said community, but as an asset on their way to building up and enriching the lives of the people with whom they come into contact. Parents/carers, teachers and Youth Workers are the key factors which help children to take on these responsibilities. However, from the point of view of this book, the writer will concentrate on the duties of the parents/carers.

To us in these vital positions, the stark reality of recent times in the Western world has finally set in. We have now come to the realisation that while our kids – as a whole – of the last generation have had everything placed on a plate for their casual consumption, they have come out this side of dinner, desperately hungry, needing something else, something deeper and more fulfilling.

We’re working on getting children everywhere the rights to live as freely as possible. We’re campaigning on the issues of kids who are still working for a living in some parts of the world, and hope that some day we could get all the street children a permanent home in which to live. In stark contrast, many of our own kids at home are starved of purpose by having everything done for them by parents neglecting to instil the values of family, society, ambition and responsibility. In an age where competition is no longer seen as healthy, and children who’ve won a race are given identical medals to the ones who’ve merely run it, it’s time for us parents to be diligent in showing our own children how important and unique it still is for us to strive hard to achieve; and when we do achieve - how crucial is for us to take up our respective responsibilities to help everyone else to progress.

My job – both as a professional and a parent – has given me the insight into many forms of parenting and lack thereof. It has also afforded me the disturbing realisation that young people keep most of the important events unfolding in their lives hidden from their parents and teachers. Of course, none would be revealed here, but this awareness has made me conscious that, more than any other single ability to live fulfilling lives, many parents have neglected to teach their children how to be responsible.

Children do not have to be sent out to work, or made be to cook and take care of younger siblings in order to learn responsibility. There are many safe, effective ways to properly and lovingly nurture our children for this role. In this book we will discuss, in a twenty-first century setting, how this can be done while they are still sensitive to teaching.

I’ve used the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ to refer to children in alternate chapters. This is to avoid using just one gender representation throughout the book.

References to ‘parents’ covers any responsible adult who is acting in the capacity of a parent, whether they are grandparents, foster or step parents or other carers.

Book 2

Baby Diaries -  A Guide for New Mothers
(More to follow. This manuscript is being edited.)

This book looks at various topics of concern to new mothers and shows them what to expect from the time their new baby arrives in hospital, all the way to their first birthday. Information is presented in little bites and is set out as a companion to new mothers in a conversational tone.

It shares tips on how to cope with all the novel factors that invariably arise with having a baby for the very first time. It’s not written from a medical point of view, but as knowledge and advice given from one mother to the next.


Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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