10 Crazy, Lazy Ways to Make Extra Cash

I wrote an article some time ago about lazy ways to make money. I’ve been re-reading it recently and found that the advice was, and still is astoundingly helpful. I’d forgotten some of the things I researched, but re-reading it today gave me a spring in my step after taking note that more than 4,000 people read it within a short period of time.

Now that we’re in the tight embrace of the credit crunch, I want to bring this article back to life. The points I gave all involved very little ‘work’ and some decent, legal tricks and tips to get that extra cash into your very own hands.

If making money is what you’re after and you don’t particularly want to do any extra work, why not skip over to this article and have a feast day.

For my American readers, when I say ‘drive’ in the article, I mean ‘driveway.’ Initially I had some readers asking me if I meant ‘car.’ Sorry for the mix-up but I also had to cater for other English speaking people accessing the piece.

Go on and get some dough.

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