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These days it's easy to get e-books for free. Where to get those free e-books may be the big question, but not any more. This page gives you the ultimate guide in getting your free e-books online with just the click of a button. I've outlined the e-Books singly, then by categories. For your convenience, I've also included a few directories you can browse for a more general collection of free e-books. 
Note: this list of e-books will keep changing as I add more to it. 

Free e-Books online


Popular, free e-books in various e-formats


Minnie (fiction)
Smashwords Style Guide (non-fiction)

Earn With Your Blog: Blogvertise

With the growing number of people looking to earn extra money with their blog, more and more pay per post sites are making their services available for both bloggers and advertisers alike. 
Blogvertise is one such free site. I've written for them in the past, but this post is a personal share - not a paid advertisement - to show my subscribers and readers one other way of earning extra cash with your blog. Today I'm featuring Blogvertise. 

On the other hand, advertisers can with sign up with Blogvertise here.


Earning, blogging with blogvertise

You will be asked to register as a blogger or an advertiser when you sign up with Blogvertise. Fill in your details, including your profile information. You'll be asked to upload a picture of yourself too. This is to be placed beside your bio when writers are featured on the front page. 
A large part of earning money online is the willingness to put yourself forward, so be patient and fill in all the boxes. When you add a blog, supply a description, keywords and exclusions (sites you'd like to NOT get assignments from). The trick to earning more money with your blog on blogvertise is to make sure you accept or decline tasks on time. When you do accept a task, be certain to write the requested amount of words and add the links you're given. Payment for blogging is usually between $4.00 - 20.00 (each post).

Earn With Your Blog: SocialSpark

A lot of people are looking to earn some extra money online. Bloggers and website owners are continuously looking for, and writing about the best ways to make money online. Today I just want to look at one way in which small-time Bloggers can make money with their blogs online: Socialspark. 

Ins and outs of earning with your blog

In two days I'll be receiving $50.00 from SocialSpark, with another $30.00 in my account to be withdrawn at a later date. So far I've written 5 posts for SocialSpark on 3 different blogs. I went away on holiday just before another 2 posts were due, so I've missed out on about $20.00 worth of earnings from that particular site.
Now there are lots of other ways to make money online. As most of us know, making money with your blog tends to be about writing lots of posts for a small amount of money. Some pay-per-post sites will even offer as little as 0.50c to write a post of a hundred words. I won't even consider taking these, but the fact that they're still on offer means that someone is. Other sites will offer highly rated blogs as much as $10.00 for one link in their post - but your blog is not yet highly-rated.
Note: I haven't been paid for this post. I've written it to help my readers and share some inside knowledge about Socialspark - one of the best ways to make money online for small-time and new bloggers.

Have You Enabled Adsense For Feeds

Adsense for feeds allow ads to show with your feeds. You can choose if you want them to appear at the top or the bottom of your posts. They're always relevant to your topics and appear in small windows (just like on your blog). You earn money when visitors click on or view these ads. A feed, simply put, is a plugin that offers your reader a way to get regular updates every time you publish something new. 

You have enabled targeted Google Adsense on your blog and you've burned your feeds. If you haven't targeted your Google adsense on your site you may be losing lots of money. Go to the link and you will see a very simple tutorial of how to make your Google adsense work better for you.
On the other hand, if you want to burn a feed here's a super, step-by-step article showing you how to get a feedburner account for your blog.

After publishing Google adsense on your site, you may think that your Adsense for feeds are automatically enabled, but  this is not so. However, there is great news! You can enable adsense for feeds with just a few clicks. Please note that you need to have a feedburner account before you set up adsense for feeds. The above, linked article will help. 

Net 10 Unlimited

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Isn’t it amazing how cold callers expect the right to all kinds of private information about you, just because they called you up?  In no other area of life, will a stranger expect you to tell them about your expenses – phones, electricity and otherwise – simply because they asked. I received one of these calls the other day and was slightly irritated to be called away from my work by someone I didn’t know, just to be asked some stupid, private questions about my phone bills.

The caller wanted to know what type of phone I had and how much I paid a month. I told him I wasn’t interested in a new phone, and that I was perfectly happy with the phone I’m using, without wondering how much each phone call was going to cost me. However, this was before I'd heard of Net 10 Unlimited and seen this Cute NET10 commercial from a Real NET10 customer online.

How To Get Blog Traffic: September Update

I've recently been scouring the Internet to find good articles to improve my sites and increase my blog traffic. I know that high blog traffic translates into better impressions and higher earnings for blog owners. Blog traffic is not something which can be increased over night, but there are steps we can take in order to gradually get the kind of traffic we deserve. 

There are several articles on this blog, aimed at new bloggers, about ways in which we can write better to increase our traffic and quality of content. I'm not an expert so I constantly need to teach myself new ways to make my sites better and improve traffic to all my blogs.

How to get blog traffic


This new page has a collection of great articles dedicated to helping new bloggers improve their blog traffic in areas of content, settings, gadgets and customization: Get Blog Traffic: 20+ Articles For New Bloggers
However, I'd like to link to 3 other extremely helpful articles which can help you get blog traffic in totally different ways. 

Free Blog Gadgets For Blogspot

Free Blogger gadgets are always in demand for both new and more experienced bloggers. New bloggers naturally grab hold of all the gadgets they think look pretty on their blogspot site. They (the free gadgets) get weeded out as bloggers become more experienced, but more often than not, most of us keep quite a few on our site for years. Google blogs (Blogger) has provided an unlimited amount of free blog gadgets for us to sink our teeth into. Writing blogs like A Blogger's Books have enjoyed gadgets to increase page views and other useful, fun, free blog gadgets that make writing sites more productive and satisfying. 

To share this with you, I'm featuring a collection of favourite gadgets for blogging, and a fabulous list of blogging tools you desperately need for 2012. The list includes tutorials on adding the free blog gadgets (for brand new bloggers) and a brief description of them. More importantly, I explain how and why these gadgets are important to your blog and the ways in which they can be useful to you. Why not check it out! This page will be updated regularly, so drop by again to see what this writing blog has put together for you. Click on the headings to go to the individual articles. 

Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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