How To Write An Article Online

This group of articles is called, ‘How to Write An Article Online’. They’re divided into five parts, each addressing different aspects of the online article market. This series is meant for new and improving writers looking for direction on how to break into writing articles for blogs, online magazines or pay-for-post sites. The pieces in the series address the value of adding friends to your network;  the art of sharp writing which attracts readers and keeps them hooked on your work; issues of getting the right content to the right people; and how to keep topped-up on a good supply of ideas for your articles. 

Article-writing skill and technique are examined, and several ways in which we can become the sought-after web writer that everyone wants to read. This is the definitive writing series for anyone serious about building a career in online writing. The articles are all intensive, so get your bookmarking or subscribing finger out. You won't be able to read them all in one go. :-)

How to write an article online - the series


How to write an article online: Part 1 - Good Practices


There are some practices which will get your articles viewed over and over again, and some which will bury them as fast as you can churn them out. One of the first lessons when learning how to write an article online, is making sure your work is set out for Internet skimming. This is because people who regularly read online content generally tend to skim though due of lack of time.  This considered, failure to enable easy skimming on all your online articles will result in the loss of fans to writers who're more succinct. Here are some common ways to ensure all your Internet articles are ready for easy reading, skimming and sharing. Follow the link above to read this article. 


How to write an article online: Part 2 -  developing skill and technique


There are several real ways to boost your writing skills. Writing is about talent, but not only about that. It's possible to teach yourself the techniques associated with skilled and professional writers. This extensive article shows you how to properly develop this ability when writing online and hard-copy articles. This step-by-step piece demonstrates exactly what to do to make your writing the best it can be. It gives you extra tools and tips on becoming the writer you've always dreamed of being. Even if you're already an established writer, this article will show you details to pay attention to when publishing your work online. 

How to write an article online: Part 3- finding ideas for articles


Ideas for writing articles don't come easy. It's understandable that the longer you write, the more difficult it becomes to be inspired by original ideas. In our world of too-much-information, it gets increasingly difficult to create unique content. This article shows you several ways to get ideas for your articles and also gives you additional links to set you on your way to writing brilliant, unique content for your readers and clients. Please click on the link above to read the article. 

How to write an article online: Part 4 - making loyal readers and gaining their respect


Through your hard work of paying attention to other people’s work, you’ve finally managed to get a few to return the favour to you. This was just the first step, so how do you manage to keep them coming back for more? If you know anything about angling you’ll know that catching a fish does not stop at the point of it biting your bait. You have to reel it in and place it inside your bucket. Sometimes, even this is not enough, as fish are known to jump out of buckets, and back into the freedom of the sea. 
Writing online is very similar. Here are some important points to note when you write your article and publish it online. You'll learn some new ways to make loyal readers out of your passing visitors and gain the respect you deserve for the quality of your writing work.

How to write an article online: Part 5 - the importance of networking


Once the other elements of writing an article is addressed, the writer has to look at ways to get their work seen by the public. This article, the last in the series of 'How To Write An Article Online' discusses the importance of networking - not only to bloggers, but to serious writers as well.  Why do we need online friends? Why is it so important to develop and nurture a writing/blogging platform? This article answers these questions and more. 

And here are some really helpful products I can recommend for writers to improve their work and online presence. Please share 'How To Write An Article Online' on your favourite networking sites, or with writers you know who would benefit from it. Thank you. You'll also find some very beneficial blogging tutorials on our 'How Do I Blog' page.


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