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Free Blogger gadgets are always in demand for both new and more experienced bloggers. New bloggers naturally grab hold of all the gadgets they think look pretty on their blogspot site. They (the free gadgets) get weeded out as bloggers become more experienced, but more often than not, most of us keep quite a few on our site for years. Google blogs (Blogger) has provided an unlimited amount of free blog gadgets for us to sink our teeth into. Writing blogs like A Blogger's Books have enjoyed gadgets to increase page views and other useful, fun, free blog gadgets that make writing sites more productive and satisfying. 

To share this with you, I'm featuring a collection of favourite gadgets for blogging, and a fabulous list of blogging tools you desperately need for 2012. The list includes tutorials on adding the free blog gadgets (for brand new bloggers) and a brief description of them. More importantly, I explain how and why these gadgets are important to your blog and the ways in which they can be useful to you. Why not check it out! This page will be updated regularly, so drop by again to see what this writing blog has put together for you. Click on the headings to go to the individual articles. 

Fun Gadgets For Your Blog
These include: Event, Flickr photostream, The Daily Puppy, 'Twitter Follow Me' buttons and more. Blogging for many, is about sharing life's experiences, having fun and making friends. If this is you, then you'll certainly like one or more of these gadgets.

Free Gadgets To Improve Page Views
These include: Blogger Play Gadget, Recent Post Gadget, 'You May Also Like' gadget, etc. The last thing a blogger wants is to be the only person who visits her/his site. These free blogspot gadgets will help you gain more views and have visitors returning to read your new posts.

Free Gadgets To Monetize Your Blog
These include: Pages, Search box, Adsense and Amazon Deals. These gadgets can seriously add to your income while doing something you love.

Blogger's Most Useful Gadgets
These include: Get answers, Recent posts, 'Share This' and Popular Posts. Fun, earning, and lots of new followers are great, but sometimes bloggers need a bit of creative help to give back to the people for whom they write. These free gadgets are just what you need.

Top Gadgets
These include: Followers, Pages, HTML/Javascript, Recent Posts etc. Generally, bloggers have their best (top) gadgets which are almost standard on all the blogs we visit. This list gives you the favourites of the thousands of gadgets available.

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If you know someone who could benefit from Free Blog Gadgets please share it with them and on your favourite networking sites. As always, thank you for your visit and your comments. 

                          The CommentLuv Plugin

And if you're not with Blogger, here's the best (in my opinion) gadget or (plugin) for Wordpress blogs.  This is what I use on my Wordpress blogs and would never switch to anything else. This one isn't free, but it's worth every penny. It can be used on all your blogs, and eliminate the use of 7 other plugins - this speed up your site. You can't get better than the commentluv premium!


Icy BC September 6, 2011 at 12:45 PM  

There are so many useful and helpful gadgets to choose from. I like facebook, twitter, and stumble upon most.

Currently, I'm looking for new "related posts", one that won't leak out my pagerank, arrg..

Arie Uittebogaard September 7, 2011 at 8:25 AM  

Hi mish-mash kind of girl. I'm very much enjoying your blog. I'm in the process of creating a blog and your tips and pointers are exquisite.

Zenserly May 15, 2012 at 2:44 PM  

hi there, thank you for all the tips you are sharing here...they are all so useful...blessed day :-)

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