Get Blog Traffic: 20+ Articles For New Bloggers

A few years ago when I was a new blogger, I knew absolutely nothing about getting blog traffic, SEO or how to get visitors to my site - I still don't :-). I wrote great articles, but no one read them. It took me more than a year of scouring the Internet and lots of help from my blogging friend over at Beyond Zephyr to help scratch the surface. 
Let me say that I'm still scratching the surface, trying to find out how to get traffic to my blogs. I give you the information as I learn them. Of course more traffic means more impressions and hopefully, higher earning.
the better the traffic, the better the earnings
Nowadays there's more help for new bloggers in terms of getting traffic to their new blogs. A lot of this advice has to be paid for, but quite a lot of it is free - so don't pay for it. The thing to watch for with the free advice about getting blog traffic is that much of it can be spun articles which all say the same thing in different ways. In addition, many bloggers who make money from their blogs, understandably don't reveal the real meat of the matter. 

Here's a collection of a range of different articles the new blogger will do well to read if getting blog traffic is on your agenda. I've written them over the course of a few years, revealing the things I've learnt (the hard, slow way) in my blogging journey. Of course, blog traffic is about great content, skill, SEO knowledge and good backlinks. We can't all be experts at all of these, but the following will give you a good start. 

Posts and Settings to implement for good blog traffic

Gadgets to monetize and increase blog traffic

Make More From Adsense: Tips For Small Time Bloggers

Customising your blog to get more traffic 
How To Add a 'Share This' Button On Your Blog
Blogger's Got New Features

If you pay attention to the above, (even just some of the main ones) this will get you on your way to start gaining traffic for your blog. Of course, other factors like SEO and backlinks have to come in play in order to really see the great results.  As a new blogger, the aim is to first of all populate your blog with sound content and build up a regular readership who like what you do.  Blog traffic is an eventual thing, and cannot be cracked overnight, especially if like me, your technical skills aren't vast.

Let me know how you get on and how your blog traffic has increased. 

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