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This call for submissions page was put together so that writers could find all the 'call for submissions' from various publishing houses I've posted on this blog. As writers know, a lot of traditional publishers no longer call for submissions and even actively dissuade writers from sending them their work. It makes you think, doesn't it? Writers are supposed to have a relationship with publishers. Otherwise, what's their business about if not publishing books.

I know that not all publishers fall into this category. This is why I wanted to pinpoint some of the publishers who're actively calling for submissions. I've listed the links to the various posts below. Click on them and see if you fit the bill. Please make sure that these calls for submissions are still open before you send your work off. I can't always keep up with all the changes happening in the publishing world (they're happening way too fast for me).

Call for submissions page


Please subscribe to A Blogger's Books for more updates on this page. It took me eight years to find a publisher for my book, so I do appreciate how important it is to find the right person, in the right department, in the right publishing house to handle the work you've slaved on for so long. 

You'll also benefit from this page of paid writing work and this one of writing tips. 

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