My All-Time Best BookMarked Articles For Writers and Bloggers

I have placed all these essential and helpful articles in one blog post. I have personally found these pieces entirely useful in my blogging/writing career. They’re simple and easy-to-follow without many of the jargon-filled tutorials out there. Here’s hoping you find one to help you do just the thing you’ve been meaning to get done for a while.

How to Change The Font On Your Blog
From: The Cutest Blog on the Block

The Easy Way To Put 'Top Comments' Widget On Your Blog
From: Reach Beyond Limits

How To Insert A Custom Signature In 'Blogger' Posts 
From: Isabella Snow

How To Add A Retweet Button On Your Blog 
From: Rose DesRochers – World Outside my Window

Essential HTML Skills For Article Authors  
From: Christopher Knight – Ezine Articles

Collection Of Essential Articles For Bloggers/Writers
From: Social @ Blogging Tracker

How To Display Your Content On A Blog's Front Page
From: Web Designer Depot

8 Simple Ways To Make Google Love Your Site
From: Daily SEO Blog

How To Place Photos Side By Side In 'Blogger'
From: Isabella Snow - Hub pages

What Does Blogger 'NavBar' Do? 
From: The Relationship

How To Find Your Blog's RSS Feed URL 
From: Athlyn Green’s Hub pages

Vital Start-Up Tutorials For New Writers Of Online Content  
From: A Blogger's Books

10 Blogging Attitudes You Could Learn From American Idols  
From: Social @ Blogging Tracker

101 Ways To Promote A New Blog  
From: DailyBlogTips

How To Establish A Writing Platform  
From: Sunday’s Child Lives At Annie’s House

The Most Important Blogging Analysis Ever 
From: ViperChill

The Practical Way To Improve Your Ranking
From Search Optimization

How To Find A Literary Agent 
From: Nathan Bransford, Literary Agent

How To Create Your Own Handwritten Signature
From Wandering Thought

10 Commandments For Aspiring Writers
From: The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes

How To Write A Successful e-Book
From ViperChill

5 Ways To Gain Agents' Attention
From Jody Hedlund

10 Photoshop Video Tutorials
From Tech

How To Embed YouTube Videos Into Blogger
From Blogger Tricks

How To Make A Publisher Say 'Yes' 
From: Help I need a Publisher!

How To Really Build Backlinks And Dominate Google
From ViperChill

How To Get A Feedburner Account For Your Blog
From Wandering Thought

Market Your Smashwords e-Book: The Definitive Guide
From Mark Coker

5 Ways To Get Your Blog Indexed By Google in 24 Hours
From ProBlogger

A Simple Way To Clear Your StumbleUpon New Shares
From Tech

Blogging Attitudes You Could Learn From American Idols
From Social @ Blogging Tracker

Put a Facebook 'Like' Button On Your Blog

In Defense Of Print
From: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

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Anonymous January 10, 2010 at 10:55 PM  

Thanks Anne for including mine! There are some on this list that I have to check out.

Write and Earn a Living January 18, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

Thanks for the mention, Anne. This is a great listing!

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