How To Monetize Adsense For Search On Your Blog

Adsense for Search is another brilliant way to earn money from your Google Adsense Account. It’s implemented by putting an individually-coded search panel to your blog. 

Generally, it’s useful to add a search box to your blog so that your visitors can find information posted on your site, and indeed on the entire web. However, just doing this means that you do not benefit when these visitors actually buy or use something they found because you pointed them in that direction. Customising and monetizing your search box is therefore a sensible option to consider. Once the codes have been added to your blog, you don’t have to do anything more.

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Recommended practises when implementing 'Adsense for Search'

  • Ensure that your search panel is easy to find. Place it at the top of the page so that visitors can see it without scrolling down.
  • It’s a good idea to have 2 search boxes. Having one in the middle or at the bottom of the page ensures that your readers will find it once they have scrolled down.
  • If you can, integrate the search results within your own site so that visitors stay longer on your page, thus increasing your bounce rate.
  • Ensure that ads are placed at the top of the search results page – not at the side or bottom.
  • Customise the search results page so that it matches with the colours used on your blog. And Your Blog

Alexa tracks and provides statistics on web traffic and other important information about your blog. It's a very influential site on the Internet. Not only will potential advertisers consult your Alexa rankings, but pay per post sites will no doubt consult Alexa to find how your site is valued in the web. This information is then used to govern how much you will get paid. Some affiliate websites won't even accpet your blog unless you have a suitable rank on Alexa.

This is not to say that Alexa has a definitive way of measuring a site's real worth, but since a low Alexa ranking has a negative impact for your blog, it effectively, is instrumental in how your blog is perceived in the web. When or if you come to sell your site, your Alexa ranking will determine how much cash you get for it. In other words, you can't ignore Alexa. Even if you have Google Analytics, Alexa provides a variety of very helpful and interesting data for you about your blog. The following is the information Alexa holds about your site:

Does Facebook Send Traffic To Your Blog

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I have 3 of my blogs networked to Facebook. All my new posts are automatically posted on my Facebook profile minutes after I click the 'publish' button on my blog. At first I was very excited to get hooked up with this because I'd heard many bloggers extol the importance of linking your site to Facebook. After all, according to Alexa rankings, Facebook is the number 2 most visited site on the Internet! It makes sense therefore, to try to squeeze some of that traffic juice for yourself, right?

While this makes sense theoretically, I wonder how much of it carries any practical weight. I have linked up my blogs to Google analytics so I can check my daily traffic, know where it's coming from and where it's going when it leaves. This is a foolproof way of managing your sites, and of knowing your audience  so you're aware of what they're looking for on your blog. According to these figures, for every 1,000 visitors I get on my blog, an average of 1 (yes that is one as in, singular) comes from Facebook.

I wonder if this is because people tend to read the posts (if they do read them) from the Facebook link-up, or if they don't bother at all. This is why I'm going to conduct an experiment today. I'm going to delete one of my sites from Facebook Networked blogs, but I won't say which one. I'll manually put up links of my new post in my Facebook 'new updates' panel. Potential readers will have to actually click on it to read the link which will be directed to my blog page. I will leave the other blogs the way they are now, and at the end of the month, I'll compare the traffic to see if there is any change. I'll let you know what happens when I've collated all the figures.

Have you got your blog networked to Facebook? If so, do you see any significant traffic to your blog from that site? If you're a new blogger our How Do I Blog page - full of blogging tutorials will be of use to you. 

Blog Jog Day Bonanza!

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Welcome to Blog Jog day!
There are nearly 150 wonderful blogs in the jog each a little different from the last. Many have special contests and events set up just for this day.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Please explore all this blog has to offer, subscribe if you like it, then jog on over to:  If you would like to visit a different blog in the jog, go to   

Thank you.

Whinging Wednesday - What's Up With That Horatio Caine?


How typical! This is exactly the kind of unnatural pose you'd expect to find of Horatio Caine. In case you don't know who he is, (lucky you!) he's the head of the CSI Miami team, played by David Caruso. His series of actions in each painful episode is extensively and redundantly choreographed: a foolish pose, a sideways glance for no particular reason (but to show what he must think is his 'good' side), and then a deliberate slow removal of those daft dark glasses he puts on just to take off. 

5 Special Mother's Day Ideas

We interrupt this blog for a short public service announcement... I've always wanted to say that and now I've actually got a valid reason. 
Here at A Blogger's Books it's clear that the focus is on books, writing and blogging. Today however, order is put on the back burner because our colleagues across the pond in America are soon to celebrate Mother's Day. Of course, one cannot let such an event pass without some sort of acknowledge, however small. My own mother is no longer with us, but that doesn't mean my annual ideas for presents should go to waste. I would appreciate it if you could add your special ideas in the comments section. And while we're at it, have a look at Amazon's Mother's day deals. I hear there's a 30% discount (limited time) on all jewellery too!  There are great ideas here for the active, glamour, or gardening mum, but let's get on with our own suggestions.

5 special mother's day ideas


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