How To Create A Blank Page In Blogger

Having the option to create a blank page is very useful when you're a blogger. For example, you may see the need to create an 'About me' or 'Contact me' page and do not want to write either of these as a lone blog post. Some blogging directories insist you have a 'subscribe' page, and many 'blog for payment' sites won't accept your blog on their lists unless you have a 'disclosure' which is easily found on your blog. 

No one wants to read a blog post written merely for the aforementioned, this is why the ability to create a page is so welcome. You can create up to ten stand-alone pages for your blog. Here's how you do it. 

Go to your Dashboard

Click New Post on your chosen blog
At the top of the page you'll see 4 options: New Post, Edit Posts, Edit Pages and Comment Moderation.
Click on New Page
Create your page and give it a suitable name
Publish your page
Make a note of the url of this new page. You may want it to show up as a link instead as 'Pages'.

Free Gadgets To Increase Page Views

Free Gadgets to Increase Page Views will show you a variety of fun, interesting gadgets for your Blogger blog. Today I want to emphasize some of Blogger's many gadgets which you can easily implement on your site. Just click on the  links and they will take you to the page from where you can easily add these on your blog. I've chosen these gadgets specifically because they help to convert all those passing viewers to actual readers who stay around to sample more than just your front page.
One gadget, in one tiny space on your blog's homepage, can be wisely used to pique the interest of viewers who have no intention of staying for very long. Use your magic of enticement with the following, and if you think these are great, you'll be even more convinced when you see this extensive list of top, free Blogger gadgets.   Remember you can add all of these by going to dashboard, design, add gadget.

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Free gadgets to increase page views

Free gadget number 1. Blogger Play Gadget

This free gadget is useful for bloggers who have uploaded lots of pictures on their sites. It offers your reader a fabulous chance to see your images in a slide show to rival a professional film. There are 'previous', 'pause' and 'next' buttons for easy manoeuvrability. The best thing of all, is that clicking on any image will take your readers to the post in which it originally appeared, resulting in more page views for your blog.

Free gadget number 2. Recent Post Gadget (with thumbnails)

My First Google Adsense Cheque

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I've been with Google Adsense for the past two years. Payment for ads placed on my blog and articles had always been something of a rumour. The elusive cheque was something big Bloggers talked about and promised to teach you, but never quite delivered. Earning pennies for all the hard work we bloggers put ourselves through can be quite depressing. We spend a lot of time on our sites, writing, devising and designing the best possible posts for our readers. This is why the news I'm about to reveal is so encouraging.

Last week I received an official-looking envelope with my name stamped on the front. As usual, these types of envelopes herald the arrival of bills - companies asking me for money. This one however, revealed a cheque from Google. It was only for $69.12, but a great start, nevertheless. This has finally made the promise (dream) of a Google payment a reality for me. Now I know from tangible experience that it can and does happen. This will propel me to drive myself harder to earn more as the months go by.

If you haven't already read this article, How to Monetize Adsense For Search on your blog, have a look at it and implement it on your blog to your advantage.

Here's to Google Adsense and lots of cheques in the future!
UPDATE: Now I receive cheques from Google every couple of months - each one bigger than the last. Thanks, Google!

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