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I'm participating in a virtual book tour connected to Yvonne Perry's new book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.  You're cordially invited to come along with me as I drop by more than twenty blogs dealing with empathy fatigue, emotional burnout, and intuition as well as information about how she wrote and published the book.

Visitors get to read something new each day as they follow the book tour from blog to blog: audio clips, video clips, written interviews, links to radio interviews, book excerpts, media releases, and content-rich articles.

Blogger: You Have Been Hacked

Today I got yet another fake email encouraging me to update my PayPal account. I knew better than to click on the link in the message. It evidently redirects to a phishing website. Sites like these steal your details (and your password if you log in), and do whatever they please with your account and email address. Writers and bloggers who use PayPal and other large sites - beware. 

The Oddities Of The English Language

For those who love reading, books and the history and exploration of the English language, the British Library is preparing a scrumptious treat. They’re hosting ‘Evolving English: One Language, Many Voices', a free exhibition which is presently running and will be open until April 3rd, 2011.

The event will investigate the diversity of the English tongue and compare classic books with modern text messages and language used in social media. It will explore the cultural and historical richness and International diversity which makes English what it is today. Around the globe, millions of us speak a dialect of English, even though we may not all be able to understand each other.

20+ Must-Read Articles For A New Blogger

A few years ago when I was a new blogger, I knew nothing about traffic, SEO or how to get visitors to my site. I wrote great articles, but no one read them. It took me more than a year of scouring the Internet and lots of help from my blogging friend over at Wandering Thought to help scratch the surface. 

Nowadays there's more help for new bloggers than when we started. A lot of this advice has to be paid for, but quite a lot of it is free - so don't pay for it. The thing to watch for with the free advice is that much of it can be spun articles which all say the same thing in different ways. In addition, many bloggers who make money from their work, understandably don't reveal the real meat of the matter. 

Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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