How To Store Pictures Online

Following the success of my post about creating any document online (for free), A Blogger's Books had to show you how to store all your fantastic, digital pictures easily online. 

We're all running out of space to store our digital pictures. Memory sticks are great, but I've personally lost material when one of mine suddenly refused to work. I then started to store pictures of the family on two different memory sticks, but I was still not satisfied. That was when I searched for and found a better way to store our images - online. 

You can too! Best of all, you don't have to pay your cable company for storage space online. It's all free and readily accessible. 

As long as you have a Google account, this will be a piece of cake. If you've ever used Google, have a Blogger blog, used Adsense ads, have an iGoogle page, etc, you already have a Google account. If you don't it takes seconds (literally) to set one up here. You'll get 1024 MB of free storage space and make it as public or as private as you like.

Advantages of storing pictures online

It's free.
It's safe.
it's accessible.
You can easily share or upload your personal pictures on Facebook or other sites.
You have a url for all your stored online pictures. This is handy for image uploads on websites and blogs.
You can label, describe and group all your pictures easily.
It's difficult to run out of space no matter how many images you have.
If you run a blog, all the pictures you take and store online will already have their 'own image url'. This makes them perform better in search engine queries and can improve your traffic significantly.
You can email entire folders (links) of images to your friends and family without having to do them individually.

How to store your images online

1. Type in your password and sign into your Google account.
2. Google gives you lots of 'products' which appear at the bottom of the page you've just opened. They're Google places, Reader, Calendar, Notebooks, Bookmarks, and dozens more. Click on Docs.
3. At the top of the page there are 3 main options; Documents, Images and Videos, and More Options.
4. Click on Images and Videos.
5. Click on Upload

That wasn't difficult, was it? My CPA Review Materials all point to one source of online storage and this is it!

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