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straight_talk_phonesMy husband is looking for a new phone at the moment. He’s been on a contract for years and finally wants a phone that takes great pictures and makes and receives calls and texts.  This is all he needs. We already pay for Internet at home, and refuse to pay a second time for it on our phones.
We’ve been researching and deliberating for a while now. Contracts can be great, but sometimes they tie you in to a system that no longer suits you. A lot of customers get caught up with all the elaborate phone salesmen pitch Hook, line and sinker.

My husband will get a free phone from his phone company, but he’ll have to pay a set amount each month, sometimes these arbitrary amounts add up to more than the phone is worth.
That’s where Straight Talk comes in. You can cut your cell (mobile) phone bills in half. There are no credit checks conducted, and no contracts. What’s more, there’s excellent connectivity, and Straight Talk offers high-standard long distance/International calls.

Get everything you need in a phone for a fraction of the cost of your contracted phone.
Straight Talk’s sought-after, long distance calls service is a pre-paid system that enables you to make very cheap calls from your own home or mobile (cell) phone.
Reconditioned phones are available from $10.00. They’re equipped with camera, mp3 player, web access and more. It’s time to look into getting your own Straight Talk phone.

See what this real Straight Talk customer is saying about this service.
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