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A lot of people are looking to earn some extra money online. Bloggers and website owners are continuously looking for, and writing about the best ways to make money online. Today I just want to look at one way in which small-time Bloggers can make money with their blogs online: Socialspark. 

Ins and outs of earning with your blog

In two days I'll be receiving $50.00 from SocialSpark, with another $30.00 in my account to be withdrawn at a later date. So far I've written 5 posts for SocialSpark on 3 different blogs. I went away on holiday just before another 2 posts were due, so I've missed out on about $20.00 worth of earnings from that particular site.
Now there are lots of other ways to make money online. As most of us know, making money with your blog tends to be about writing lots of posts for a small amount of money. Some pay-per-post sites will even offer as little as 0.50c to write a post of a hundred words. I won't even consider taking these, but the fact that they're still on offer means that someone is. Other sites will offer highly rated blogs as much as $10.00 for one link in their post - but your blog is not yet highly-rated.
Note: I haven't been paid for this post. I've written it to help my readers and share some inside knowledge about Socialspark - one of the best ways to make money online for small-time and new bloggers.

How socialspark helps you make money with your blog
1. Join the site (link below).
2. You will be asked to submit a few details and some information about you and your site(s). Make sure you fill these in to the best of your ability. This is what will get you jobs - or not.
3. Choose how much you wish to be paid per post. I advise using their guidelines which are based on your traffic.
4. You will need to verify your site. This involves placing a bit of text on your page or joining it with your Google Analytics account. The latter is simpler and more straight-forward.
5. Your blog will have to be approved.
6. Once your blog is approved, you will start to receive relevant leads.
7. Log in, write your post (include the links they give you) and submit for approval once finished.
8. You will receive an email once your post has been approved, telling you it will be posted to your site.

Advantages of  working and earning with Socialspark

Before you start making money with Socialspark, make sure you take care of the following steps. It may take some time for your blog to be approved, so make sure you provide all the information you're asked for upfront. Tagging your blog and putting it in the right category will help tremendously.
There are several advantages to you as a blogger (below) and in addition to making you money, your blog will be more visible because big companies use Socialspark.
1. The work you receive does not depend on your Google rating. You can have low-rating blog, but as long as you get a decent amount of traffic, you'll get work.
2. Your blog will earn more money on SocialSpark (per post) than on most other pay per post sites. You can expect to be paid at least $10.00 for 200 words.
3. Social spark offers a referral program. You can make a little more extra money by getting other people to write for them.
4. Socialspark pays you the money you make through paypal.
5. If you do your job well, advertisers are allowed to rate you and your work. Good ratings get you more jobs. More jobs of course, makes more money for your blog.
6. The support team is always prompt, personal and helpful.
7. Each post is your personal opinion with no influence from Socialspark.

Disadvantages of blogging with Socialspark

There are advantages of making money online. However, hard you work, and however much money you make with your blog, there will always be little, nagging things about how you go about doing so. There are a few disadvantages of blogging with socialspark. And even though they do not outweigh the advantages in the least, I thought I should mention them to you to give you the complete picture of this site.
1. You have to wait 30 days after your post has been approved before you get the payment. Keep in mind that your advertiser may take days to approve your post.
2. You have to wait until your balance has accumulated to at least $50.00 before you request payment. If you did request payment before the balance is at least $50.00, you have to pay a 'penalty' of $2.00.
3. You write all your posts on the Socialspark site. Therefore, the format your text is eventually published in may not be up to your usual standard. Paragraphs and lines are not always where you think they'd be.

Sign up to Socialspark here This is my link, so you'll be signing up through my page as my referral. Please make sure your blog qualifies before signing up. 

So, are you ready to make some money with your blog? If you are, I can recommend Socialspark. It's upfront and the payment is real. Additional, helpful reading: How Do I Blog.

Connect With Advertisers - Sign up for SocialSpark!


Icy BC September 16, 2011 at 1:40 AM  

I like Social Spark much more than others, because all their links are "nofollow".

The best thing is that if they don't approve your post for one reason or another, the post won't appear on your site, therefore, no need for you to remove it from your blog!

SquirrelQueen September 16, 2011 at 8:21 AM  

Good information. I have noticed Social Spark on several different blogs and even looked into it at one time. I just can't figure out how to find the time to write up posts.

Anne Lyken-Garner September 16, 2011 at 9:57 AM  

Exactly, Icy. I should have said that as one of the advantages. I'm glad others have used and like them too.

Anne Lyken-Garner September 16, 2011 at 9:58 AM  

Judy, it's just another 20 minutes out of your time. It pays, so this does not count as time wasted.

If you're spending time on your blog already, why not do a post that will earn you some extra money on your site.

Dejta September 18, 2011 at 2:24 PM  

Hi Anne! This is the first time I've heard about Social Spark, thanks to you! I guess we need to invest in quality work and patience, the way I see it, it's worth it. And congratulations to you too, you're on to a good start.

365SM September 21, 2011 at 5:48 AM  

Its a nice way to earn money online but only for limited users as I am an SEO personal and have multiple clients form different fields but I cant use these methods, But they are usable and very appropriate to in terms of payment....!!!

Einav Cohen October 24, 2011 at 1:54 PM  

Hi Anne,

This is the first time I'm hearing about SocialSpark. It looks like a great tool to make money with your blog.

It's interesting to see more blogs then ordinary websites out there...do you think that blogs are the future? :)

Great post!

best ways to make money

dj surendeng January 19, 2012 at 8:26 AM  

I really just know about it... thx.. I'll try the best to join it to earn more money. The prob I hv is.... my english not good :)

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