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I follow The Pen Is Mightier Than The Spork mainly for personal reasons. As some of my readers know, I work in TV and have done quite a lot of work on Dr Who and Torchwood. This blog’s owner, James Moran, has written some of the very work I’ve done. Isn’t that amazing? Well, now you know why I have to follow this blog.

There hasn’t been many current posts, (I’m sure he’s busy writing scripts for his new film) but this cannot, in any way, mitigate the helpfulness of the older ones on the blog. If you want to write for TV or film, this is the blog for you. There’s a world of advice on how to go about doing just that. Go to the ‘frequently asked questions’ just right of the home page and get a bulk of useful advice on scriptwriting, acquiring an agent, how to break into the business, where to submit, and much more.

This is a blog with a difference because you get your fill of Torchwood and Dr Who blogging/writing information while filling up on what you need as a script writer. I recommend this blog without reservation.

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Unknown November 18, 2009 at 1:55 AM  

Thanks for the resources. Do we ever have too much good information?

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