Blogger's Got New Features!

If you're a Blogger user you'll be pleased to know they're steadily improving the service to make it easy and quicker to use.
There are already several free gadgets on offer. I've personally hand-picked the top gadgets,  fun gadgets  and free gadgets to increase page views  in these articles.

Now Blogger has added stats, and an interesting Twitter feature. Firstly, lets deal with the stats.  Formally Blogger users were worse off than Wordpress bloggers when it came to statistics. Many of us made use of the magnificent service Alexa or Google Analytics provide. At last we can access very detailed blog statistics straight from our Blogger dashboard.

  • Click on 'dashboard.
  • Under each of your blogs' names you'll see on the left: Overview– Posts – Pages - Comments – Stats– Earnings – Layout - Template – Settings
  • Click on Stats and be amazed. 
Your stats are grouped into three main headings; Overview, Posts, Traffic Source, Audience.

Clicking on Post gives you a listing of all your popular posts from the most to the least viewed. You can choose to group these by day, week, month, or all-time by clicking on the boxes at the top of the page. Knowing what posts are popular helps you to plan future articles based around the same topic. This will help your blog to climb higher in Google searches because it will count heavily for one (or two) related subjects, which give potential visitors a more comprehensive answer to their search queries. Scroll down to see your Pages stats too.

Traffic source
Clicking on Traffic source will show you three different lists. The first one tells you which urls brings the most traffic to your site (for the day, month, week or all-time). 
The second shows you which sites refer most traffic to your blog (again, you can choose whether you want to see it by day, week, month or all-time).
The last list tells you which key words brought most search engine traffic. These are all incredibly useful to a regular blogger. If you know which social networking sites send the most traffic to your blog, you'll be able to make an informed decision when determining how much time you spend where, and what to focus on.

This is self explanatory. Your audience (pageviews by countries) is listed here.

Twitter Feature

Do you often get a bit frustrated by having too many characters when trying to share on Twitter? Not many people know how to use the Twitter url shortener. Sharing from Blogger has always been a bit annoying because apart from the url, almost nothing else could fit in the new-update boxes. 
Well, not anymore! To make use of this new Blogger url shortener when sharing your new posts on twitter, here is what you do.
  • Click on the name of the individual post you want to share. This is important. If you're on your blog's home page this is the url which will be captured and not the new post's.
  • On the very top of your page is your Blogger nav bar. On the left you should see this:
                                    Follow, Share, Report Abuse, Next Blog

Click on Share and choose Twitter from the tool box which appears. Blogger shortens your url automatically and there's even space left to write a short message too! 
Here's some more about your Blogger navbar and information about what else it does. And don't forget to go to our How Do I Blog page for more essential blogging tutorials

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Anonymous September 18, 2010 at 2:00 AM  

I have been looking at this "stats" feature, and loving it..I knew you would find it helpful also..

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