How Paypal Saved Me

Paypal saved me from a fraud who conned me. I was fortunate to have them fighting on my side. 

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to give my relationship help blog some more exposure on the Internet. There are hundreds of remarkable articles there which are helpful to women and families as a whole, and I wanted to give it a chance to be seen on a wider scale.

I found someone on a popular forum, who advertised his expertise in blog directory submission. I had just been paid for some blogging work and had money in my Pay Pal account. So I thought $15.00 was a worthy sacrifice to pay someone to do some directory submission work for me. We made the deal, and thankfully, the next and only sane thing I did in this entire transaction was to pay him through Pay Pal.

The first sign that something was wrong was when he sent me an attachment of the results (of the submissions) which was 'someone else's'. He sent me another email 5 minutes later to say it was a genuine mistake and that he would send me mine the next day. The following day he sent me an email saying my work was finished and was attached. It wasn't!

Three weeks later - nothing. I contacted him. He wrote back a week later saying he was on holiday. He would contact me when he returned. Three weeks later - still nothing. I contacted him several times later, both on the site where I saw his advert and through his personal email.

I couldn't go on doing that. Neither could I attempt a zoloft lawsuit for that amount of money :-). I started a 'dispute' on Pay Pal, expecting a response from the guy in question. Then 'escalated' the dispute when he did nothing. Pay Pal took over from there and today my dispute has been resolved!

It's not only about the hard-earned cash, it's also about the principle, right?

Have you ever been conned on the Internet? If so, did you get any help in resolving the matter? 

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