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I've been doing some reading on the net, trying to find ways to promote the blogs I've worked so very hard on building. I have hundreds of well-written, good sized articles which provide step-by-step help, and solid information to readers.
my popular blog
I don't think my blogs are doing the best they can for me. I think they should have a higher Google rating because many of my articles are now in the first page of Google searches.  Consequently, I've been trying to find out what else I can do - with my limited technical skill and time - to correct this. The term that pops up in almost every article I've read is 'guest posting' Guest posting is supposed to be the current big thing - the top rated activity to widen your readership and build solid back-links. So I did a few to prove its worth!

I sacrificed the already limited time I have to spend on my own blogs to create interesting articles on some highly-rated sites in my niche. I thought long and hard about what would fit in nicely with their themes and applied to write for them.
I knew I wasn't being paid for my time or effort. However, I felt that the exposure and back-links I'd heard so much about would be definitely worth the sacrifice. You'd be pleased to know I was successful and here are the wonderful fruits of my labour. The first two are essential blogging tips/information, the third one is mainly to do with writers and Facebook layouts.  The last is for fun. Let me know what you think. I'll give these a month to stew, then I'll come back to you with my findings. Stick around and subscribe to this blog if you haven't already done so. Wish me luck!

Why Facebook Isn't Completely Crap at Blog Critics (Technorati site)
Strange Death, Anyone?  at Kuriositas



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