New Years Resolutions for Bloggers

‘New Year’s Resolutions for Bloggers’ will help you make plans that will propel your blog to lasting success beyond 2012. In order to improve our lives and that of our families we often make new year’s resolutions. Sticking to them may be slightly problematic, but we make them nevertheless, right? The drive behind resolutions in general is to achieve, advance and improve. The solution therefore, to making a better blog is to apply these same resolves to our site. Babbling over, here are the top six (I like the number 6) new year’s resolutions every blogger should be making right now. 

Did You Get Your Book Deals?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of My Travel Checklist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you get your book deals? Well, Christmas is over and the new year is swiftly approaching. I hope you've been able to buy all the books you need in the fabulous book sales I've seen online this season. You know, it's possible to stock up on all the books you'll need this year, all in one go. Why pay full price later on when you can grab them for half price now, right?

Computer Quiz Questions

Hope you all had the most perfect Christmas ever!

One of my new year's resolutions is to include something fun on this blog for you regularly. I know so many of you subscribe because you love books, writing, publishing and the many popular 'how do I blog' tutorials for newbie bloggers we publish here. Having said that, I think you'll also love - and enjoy - these computer quiz questions because they're extremely useful if you're a computer user.

These computer quizzes are quick and give you a challenge to see how much you really know. They also provide the answers at the end, so don't worry that you won't know enough to take part.

Click on the link for the newest computer quiz on 

I'll sneak back very shortly to tell you more about my new year's resolutions where blogging is concerned. I've still got family staying, so I've got to pretend I'm staying off my blogs ;-) Enjoy your quiz while I try to smuggle my laptop upstairs to the bedroom. 

Merry Christmas From Us

A Blogger's Books would love to wish all its subscribers, customers and sponsors a Merry Christmas and a blessed, prosperous and healthy 2012. We look forward to spending more time with you next year. Please use the comment box to let us know what we can do to help you and how we can serve you in 2012. 

Meanwhile, if you would love to add some more books to your bookshelves, this Christmas, have a look at mine.

Here's a big holiday gift to my sponsors: They're listed below and would love your custom (and so would I). 

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Thank you once again for making 2011 a great one!

ING Direct: Savings Widget

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ING Direct for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I get a large percentage of my traffic from people looking for blogger gadgets and widgets. Today I'm featuring a different kind of widget that has nothing to do with blogging, writing or books. ING Direct recently developed a brand new widget which enables people in the UK to see, on average, how much householders are saving in selected areas.

Best Blogs I Visited in 2011

Best Blogs I Visited in 2011 seeks to highlight the writing and blogging sites I've found most helpful this year. This is a post I want to do to give back something to those site owners who've helped me in my own blogging career. Thank you very much for all the information and selfless knowledge and know-how you've extended to me. Many of you have never visited my blog, I know. However, you've been my virtual support and I want to share you with my subscribers, faithful readers and passing visitors (and of course, give you my support through my testimonials, screenshots and links).  You have been my writing and blogging based favourite blogs in 2011!

Best blogs I visited in 2011

I've landed on several amazing sites this year. If I'm one of your frequent commentator and you're not listed here, I'll bear you in mind and feature you in another post. If your site is not in this niche, look out for more best blogs articles on my other sites in your niche, especially if you have a relationship blog. In no particular order, here we go!

Is This The End Of Books?

'Is this the end of books' may seem like a harsh and insane question. Of course, people love taking paper books on holiday, kids will always love reading books and many people like the weight and smell of books in their hands. I ask this question because I was vaguely listening to a BBC programme my husband was watching last night. They asked the same question and mentioned a few things which got me thinking that our generation may indeed be seeing the end of paper books. Wait before you judge me, though. I was like you before I listened in on (some) of this programme. I strongly felt books were here to stay, no matter how popular e-readers became, but here are some facts you need to think about seriously (based on highlights from the programme). Are we the last generation of people who will actually buy paper books?

Blogger To Wordpress Migration: Diary 3

My Blogger to Wordpress migration diary - part 3. Okay, so you’ve read the first part of my diary of migrating from blogger to wordpress in horror. Then you followed as I told about choosing and purchasing my domain in the second part. Here I continue my diary of the migration process and show you what happened in the days closely following the start of the wordpress site.

well, I felt like it did, anyway.
Right after the blog migration
After the actual migration, when all 41 articles were displayed on the new site, I realised that not all of my widgets had co-operated and come over. Added to this, the internal links I’d put on my articles all led to posts which no longer existed. Forget the pictures! They just went totally berserk and anarchic on me. They stood where they wanted. The ones I wanted in the middle remained on one side, and the ones I decided were going on the left, just didn’t want to stand still. There may’ve been an easy way to sort them out (isn’t there always?), but in my state of tech and coding idiocy, I didn’t know about it. It dawned on me that the only thing I didn't have to do was re-write the posts. All the links, images and heading fonts had to be changed. It was time to stop panicking and shouting inside my head, and work my fingers until they hurt - literally! It was then I made the following:

Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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