New Years Resolutions for Bloggers

‘New Year’s Resolutions for Bloggers’ will help you make plans that will propel your blog to lasting success beyond 2012. In order to improve our lives and that of our families we often make new year’s resolutions. Sticking to them may be slightly problematic, but we make them nevertheless, right? The drive behind resolutions in general is to achieve, advance and improve. The solution therefore, to making a better blog is to apply these same resolves to our site. Babbling over, here are the top six (I like the number 6) new year’s resolutions every blogger should be making right now. 

New year’s resolutions for bloggers

what are your new year's resolutions for your blog?

Resolution 1: Make a work diary

If you were working in an office you’d have a timetable with tasks you need to complete daily. Of course, there would be the odd memo (or two) you’d completely ignore, or the boss who’s a bit too much into group games which require staff hugging and falling into each other’s arms. However, you’ll basically know what needs to be done by 5 pm, when you rush out the door.
If you’re a serious blogger your top new year’s resolution should be to make out a rota of things you must complete each day – and stick to it. If you don’t have a blogging work-diary, make one right now. You’ll see all your Facebook and Twitter time decreasing, but this could only be good for your blogging career, and will get rid of a lot of the distractions bloggers face on the Internet.

Resolution 2: Add your blog to at least 2 RSS directories each week

RSS directories are important because you only ever have to add your blog to them once. Here’s one RSS list you could use to do your research. This list is updated weekly and includes a brief review so you know exactly what they are. It features more than 400 directories and search engines. Adding your blogs gradually avoids the risk of being mistaken as a spammer by bulk-adding your links all in one go.

Resolution 3: Join Yahoo answers

As a blogger, one of the important new year’s resolutions you should make is to join Yahoo answers. ‘Ah’, you say, ‘But this will take up even more of my time!’ Thing is, once you’ve gotten to level 2, Yahoo! Allows you to put live links with your answers. If you’re answering questions based on your niche (which is what you will do, no doubt), you can always back up your great, helpful answers by leaving a link to an article you prepared earlier on your blog. The better your answers, the more viewers would be moved to visiting your blog to find further information. I have a DIY blog and give some very insightful answers in Yahoo’s Home section. The result is that I have many visitors clicking through to see a ‘more detailed’ resolution to their problem. Cute, right?
Just make sure you log in each day, even if you’re not answering questions. You get 1 point just for logging in. If you’re an author, this is a great place to sell your book once you’ve amassed some sort of expertise.

Resolution 4: Join Tumblr

Here's a fabulous post on how to make the best of tumblr. I’ve actually followed this step-by-step tutorial and have benefited from it. It shows you how to get free PR7 links just with one click. Apart from the links, keep updating micro posts of your new articles. Remember to add your original article link to them and watch your traffic rise. You wrote the post so you know what they say. It only takes a minute to write a short ‘review’ of them.

Resolution 5: Make an effort to give back

Your new year’s resolutions as a blogger would not be complete without making a huge effort to give back to your readers and subscribers. Make your links (at least, some of them) dofollow. People love to comment if they’ll get a do follow link from it. You can make even scammers behave properly and leave you sweet and charming comments if they know they’re going to get a do follow link from their efforts. Do you have loyal readers who comment on almost all your posts? Give them a shout out by sometimes visiting their PR 1 blog, and leaving a comment for them. (If you're just starting out as a blogger, here are some more newbie blogging tips you simply must read to make an impact.)

Resolution 6: Do top ten blogs every quarter

Your last new year’s resolution as a blogger is to make an effort to share the love to big bloggers, top risers, and next best thingers. The reason you don’t want to make a top 10 list of the biggest names in your niche is because the big boys and gals may not even notice your post (even if you let out little spits while yelling it in their faces). The top risers will. And you bet, the ‘next big thing’ blogs will do too.
People are always searching for the top ‘10ers’ and the top 7 ‘besters’ in their chosen field so they can leave comments on these sites to build up your own. (What’s wrong with the number 6?) Make your top 10 post the one they find. You don’t have to do this often, just resolve to do it on a regular basis – like just before the big holidays in the year when your mind is elsewhere and you’re suffering to find great ideas for blog posts. Trust me, this is an easy, but really helpful way out.

Conclusion: ‘New Year’s Resolutions for Bloggers’ 

Whatever you do, don’t go away and forget to do these things today. Even if you don’t fancy all of them, do at least half of the things on this list and you will see a marked difference not only on your site, but in the way you blog and your productive levels. If you have other super ideas of new year’s resolutions in which bloggers improve their sites, please add them to the comments below. Please share this post so that bloggers everywhere can resolve to have a better, more successful blogging career in 2012. Here’s to all of us and may our resolutions last throughout the year!


Ann Summerville December 31, 2011 at 5:31 PM  

Great tips. I'm bookmarking this and will come back.

Anne Lyken-Garner December 31, 2011 at 6:01 PM  

Thank you, Ann. Please share it if you think others may benefit as well.

Unknown January 1, 2012 at 11:30 PM  

Good blogging tips. I use sometimes, when I remember. lol. A good friend was banned from there, but I cannot figure out how. Hope your new year is the best one ever!!!!

Icy BC January 2, 2012 at 1:28 PM  

I love this list since I have thought about writing down my goals for my blogs in 2012..

This is very useful, Anne! Thanks..

Anne Lyken-Garner January 2, 2012 at 2:13 PM  

Great, Icy. I'm glad I could be of help. I wish you all the blogging success in 2012.

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