Alltop: What Can It Do For You?

When I first heard of Alltop I didn't think anything of it. I figured it was just another blog directory. I thought I'd add my blogs to Alltop, just like I have to many others. I thought I would get a few spammers asking me to follow their blogs because they had followed mine. You know, just as normal. I was dead wrong. Alltop is nothing of the sort. BTW- this is not a paid or sponsored article. I don't even get points or any sort of reward if you add your blog. I simply wanted to share this with you because it can help you with your blogging.

I first started noticing Alltop properly when it kept appearing on my Google Analytics figures. Within a couple of weeks of having my blogs approved, Alltop had become the top 10 traffic source of all 4 of the blogs I added there. Now, a little over a month later, and Alltop is one of my biggest traffic source.

Computer Quiz Questions

Computer quiz questions link up: I planned this year to regularly link up to fun and interesting things happening around on the Internet. I know you love books and so do I. Many of you also come by to check out the writing and publishing tips featured here on A Blogger's Books. Have you looked at my updated writing jobs page recently? I've been paid for writing for some of them, so I know you won't regret having a look. You don't have to be a writer. If you're good with verses, cards or tips you can also get a steady income from all the places I've sourced there for you. I've recently finished my How do I write an article series and am very excited about it. You can bookmark and share the entire series at the link.

Coming back to fun things, here's a link to another computer quiz designed by top blogger Mitz, from I know you'll enjoy this one - even though I failed it :-) Let me know how you did. It can't be as bad as me!

How To Write An Article Online: Importance of Networking

How to write an article online: the importance of networking is the last in the series of A Blogger's Books' popular How to Write An Article series. As you know, this series was designed to help writers and bloggers improve their skill. It's especially useful for new writers and bloggers, but because it deals with online article writing, it brings insight to older, more matured writers, helping them adapt and modernise their writing to fit in with today's article writing requirements. This last article in the series deals with the importance of networking for writers. The rest of the series can be found and bookmarked here: 
How to write an article online


How to write an article online - 5: the importance of networking with other writers
The first question we need to clear up is this one. Why have online writing friends? Why do I need friends if all I’m doing is sharing my work with the public?

3 On-Page SEO Tips for Bloggers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the name of the game in blogging for many years now. With so many people entering the blogosphere hoping to become the next hit blog, it is essential that bloggers utilize SEO tactics in order to be seen online. 
Successful SEO tactics make it so that your blog will rank more visibly in search engines online such as Google and Bing. It is through these search engines that most web users locate their material and is, therefore, one of the most essential areas to master online as a professional blogger. There are two primary types of search engine optimization: off-page optimization and on-page optimization. Off-page SEO tactics are things you do outside of your website to make it more visible online and on-page SEO tactics are the things you do within your website to rank more highly on Google. Follow these three tips for better on-page SEO.

Disney Book Club Big Giveaway!

I know it's not time for a new post yet. I'm merely dropping by quickly to let you know about these fantastic deals the Disney Book Club are doing at the moment. It's a clever way to get people to become interested in buying books again. We're all well aware of the significant drop in paper book sales. I say 'paper' books because e-books have seen a meteoric rise in sales recently.

I love these deals and I think you will too. If you have kids in your life (they don't have to be yours). Here's a perfect opportunity to shop for birthdays, school holidays, and even Christmas. Here are some of the deals Disney Book Club are doing at the moment. Don't miss out. They're also doing some attractive deals on Disney films. Please see each offer individually, as they all have different discounts. Some are discounts on films, free shipping, discounts when you buy items in bulk (like 4 books for 99 cents), and many more. Enjoy and see you again soon to talk some more about writing and books.


234 x 60

125 x 125


How To Write An Article Online - 4

How to write an article online - 4 is the fourth in the series designed to help writers, bloggers and online content providers get the best out of writing. This series is especially useful for new writers and those looking to improve their skill. However, this series will also definitely bring insight to older and more experienced writers because it looks at writing articles from a very modern viewpoint and addresses issues of online writing they may not have considered or even been exposed to recently. 

How to write an article online - 4: making loyal readers and gaining their respect

Post Other People's Content on Your Blog: 5 Benefits

You should never copy content from other blogs or websites. However, there are several benefits of posting other people's content on your blog. Sounds strange? This article will show you how to tap into this aspect of writing without stealing other people's work and without offending them. This article will show you how to post other people's content on your blog to help them (and you) reach more readers and enrich both your sites. Using other people's content could not only add life to your blog, it can help you promote them, your own content and your brand. I want to make it clear that this post is definitely not about copying and pasting other people's hard work on your site.

you too can tap into these blogging tricks to help yourself and other bloggers

Post other people's content and create your own signature edit
Although you are not the owner of the content you post from other sites, you do still own that particular “edit” of online content. Most of the time, you combine your own personal content with relevant or interesting things from other locations and then credit that source. Doing this can actually enhance your personal blog posts because you have outside points of view to reference.

Method: collect points of view from other bloggers on a particular subject. Link to them, and add your own remarks and opinions.

How To Write An Article Online - 3

I designed the How To Write An Article Online series to give bloggers, new online content providers and writers a sound resource they can refer to for help. We've already discussed these elements: How To Write an Article Online: developing skill and technique and How to Write an Article Online: good practicesIn this third tutorial we'll discuss the actual writing process and talk about a topic that proves very difficult for most writers - ideas for articles.


How to write an article online: finding ideas for articles
Ideas can sometimes evade us, especially if we’re doing this as a full time job, on a constant basis. The best ideas come from real life. Why? Because this is the only way to find an original perspective on a given topic. Sometimes I have a eureka moment about something I think is fantastically original, only to find that someone has already given the idea a good scouring and airing in the Internet.  At the risk of sounding cynical, there's hardly anything we can come up with these days that’s not already been beaten to death on the web. Your job is to make your version unique.  The best way to do this is to put your individual spin on it.  Only the people who put their individuality into their articles have work that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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