Create Custom 404 Page For Blogger

It's great news that Blogger users can now create and customize their own 404 page. This is the page your readers arrive at when they click on a link that no longer exists on your blog. You want them to know they're in the right place, but more importantly, you don't want them to leave and go search elsewhere. Your 404 page should be informative and enticing enough to encourage your readers to hang on and look around your site. A 404 page couldn't be easier. 

See this page for the total list of Blogger new, updated features to help you blog better and improve your site significantly.

Create custom 404 page for Blogger

Go to Dashboard. Click on the blog you want to work on and choose, Settings. It's the last option on your the right of your screen (in new Blogger dashboard).
Now choose Search  Preferences. (Click on image to enlarge).

create a custom 404 page in Blogger

Now, move down the page and look at Errors and redirections. Click on Custom page not found and edit.
Now we'll write a custom message for your readers who click on a page which no longer exists on your site. Save changesHere's what you'll see if you end up on a page which is no longer found (404 page) on my relationship blog. See how nicely it tells the reader exactly what to do next?

Just as a reminder (still in Setting). Click on Other and scroll down to the bottom of the page to makes sure you have your Google Analytics code in the relative panel.

Now you're read this, you'll want to go and look at the other great features Blogger has introduced. There are dozens of other helpful blogging tutorials on our How Do I Blog page.


Self Sagacity May 14, 2013 at 7:39 PM  

I love my 404 page image. It is so appropriate, but hopefully not too many people will see it. LOL! You're so right about having one of these. It is very discouraging when a page is not found and there is no redirection.

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