How To Add Alt Tags To Blogger Images

Blogger users would be pleased to note that Blogger has introduced some great new features in uploading pictures and adding alt tags. This article is simply to point out the new changes to you and help you utilise them fully to benefit your site. 
A person viewing your images knows exactly what they're about. However, even though Googlebots can read the text on your site, they can't read images. The only way Google and other search engines can know what your image is about is for you to tell them. When someone searches for the image of a white rose in the search panel, you can have the best white roses on your blog but your pictures will never come up in the search results unless the search engines know you've got them on your site. How do they know this? By alt tags! And this is why it's so important to know how to add alt tags.

See this page for the total list of Blogger new, updated features to help you blog better and improve your site significantly. 

How to add alt tags to Blogger images

See here to read why optimizing images is important to your site. With these new updates, not only can you now add pictures from your mobile phone, you can do all sorts of other clever things that help with your SEO.
Click on the image icon in 'compose new post'. Once your chosen image has been uploaded to your new post, click on it. You'll see a pop up box that now allows you to add an extra large image (a new feature). It will also show you 'properties'. Click on this. From here you can add a title to your picture and an alt  (words that describe your image) text easily!

Add an alt tag to your new blog post each time. This is not something you should ever overlook. Also go back over your older posts to repair them in this way for more traffic and better SEO.

Note: place dashes or underscores between your alt tags. For example if your article is about how to grow roses and you've uploaded a picture of a rose in your post, your alt tag would be: 'how-to-grow-roses' and your image title would be 'white rose image' or something similar. Both of these will improve the searchability of your article and your image.

Please share this article if you've benefited from it so all Blogger users could start using this and the other amazing new features. Please visit our How Do I Blog page where we collect all sorts of helpful articles for new bloggers. If you need to look up some writing jobs, the link will show you some great ones. This list has just been updated so even if you've visited it before, have another look. I'm sure there's something there for you.


Mike Carlson March 26, 2013 at 5:03 PM  

This is such great information worth sharing. Thank you so much I learned another important thing today.

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