5 Great Ways to Hunt For a Writing Job

Quite a number of people love to write, and a decent amount of these individuals actually want to turn writing into a career. This field can be a tough one to break into, but if you consult with these resources, you absolutely have a chance! Read on to get a head start.

Online Writing Jobs
In the year 2013, you really need to be starting online if you want to find a writing job. So many content-driven websites exist, and they are really growing by the day. As a result, content is needed for these sites themselves, and sometimes they're looking to sell out content to other sites in turn. Regardless of your experience or background, it's wise for almost everyone to seek out content-writing positions. 

Local Publications
You ALWAYS want to reach out to local publications, whether they are online, on paper or over the air. Even if your local paper or university seems small-town, any experience looks better than no experience on your resume. Be sure to let editors know why you are skilled in writing for the community and if you have ever done work at the local level in the past (thinking locally may not sound exciting to everyone, but it's important and it sells).

Always Send Resumes
If you want to break into the world of writing, you really need to be pro-active. You cannot just sit around and wait for an advertisement to appear in the local newspaper. You must be actively seeking out job opportunities and applying for them every chance you get. If you are going to write full-time, it's always smart to have a few different clients and pursue several different avenues to ensure that you always have some revenue coming in. Even if a job is not currently open, you should send your resume anyway - if someone needs content now, there's a good chance they'll need more later.

Finding Private Clients
A lot of writers like to write for private clients, but finding them can be a bit more difficult than other jobs. Have some business cards printed up so you can leave them around town. You may also want to start a Facebook page and start advertising the writing services that you offer in that manner. Many private jobs come via word of mouth. For example, you might be working at a local newspaper. The editor loves your style, so he or she recommends you to a friend who needs work produced for a website. Be sure to accept as many possibilities as you can to build your portfolio. The great thing about writing is that you can do it anywhere - over lunch, at night, when you have free time at work, etc - so make it happen. Get your name out there!

Expand Your Horizons
You also want to look into jobs that involve other forms of writing, so that you are really well-rounded. For example, you might apply to teach a college course, work at a university writing center or run a seminar for students in high school. Whatever you're doing, you'll be expanding the ways you develop your love for writing and the love that others have for the discipline.

Jeff Grays writes about jobs, employment and human resources. His recent work is about the best college majors for the future.


Mike Carlson March 19, 2013 at 3:20 PM  

With so many reputable sites out available nowadays, it is not hard anymore to find jobs online that can give you a good start on a career. Of course, you will start small but will eventually have a wonderful income if you do things better.

Osho Garg March 23, 2013 at 8:32 AM  

These days too many job for writers. Specially ghostwriter :D

Unknown May 7, 2013 at 3:41 AM  

It's extremely easy to find a place to submit content. The hard part is finding ethical sites to participate in.

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