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Romantic Fiction publisher calling for submissions. Are you a romantic fiction writer? Have you got a romantic fiction manuscript hidden away in the forgotten drawer? I recently gave you some news about Bang, crime novel publishers on A Blogger's Books. I hope that those of you with crime manuscripts were able to submit yours to them. This week I have a new publisher of romantic fiction to tell you about. 

Romantic fiction publisher

Choc Lit is an independent publisher for romantic fiction. They've recently made the call for new submissions. All submissions must be previously unpublished. Here's a snippet of what they've said on their site:
romantic fiction which must include the hero’s (male) point of view
for an adult audience
70,000 to 100,000 words long
in English
completed – we can’t consider works in progress
previously unpublished
not currently accepted by any other publisher or agent
contemporary, historical, mystery, paranormal, etc.
professional assessed, if you’re an unpublished author

They've strongly suggested that you get your romantic fiction novel checked before submitting it to them so you could correct any major issues with the plot, characters etc. This of course, gives your work a much better chance at being accepted. Some assessment agencies or services can charge quite a lot, but there are alternatives. If you're writing a romance novel  or have already finished one, the link will take you to a popular book which will help you do some of this checking yourself. 

Check out the submissions page here: Choc Lit submissions

Good luck with this if you're thinking of taking advantage of it. Please let me know how you get on and share this post with anyone you think may find it beneficial. I'd also appreciate it if you posted this on your favourite social networkings sites to give our writing colleagues the heads up - you know how difficult it is to find publishers these days. 
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