Barnes and Noble Weekend Book Sale

This article has been edited to give you the best in current Barnes and Noble Sales. Please see below

This morning, I found this great book offer and thought I'd forego my follow Friday today just to share it with you. After all, A Blogger's Books is about blogs and books, right.

If you need to buy books from Barnes and Noble, this is the time to do it. They've always got fantastic offers on, but at the moment, they're running a special 15% weekend discount for the most expensive item you purchase. 

This specific sale is only good for 3 days: February 26th to March 2nd. Click to get your *voucher number before you buy. When I visited the site I also noticed that they have a 50% offer on all DVDs. It's an offer I'm not going to miss.

*Update: unfortunately, this voucher has now expired. For more book sales and brilliant book offers see the links below. I do also have Barnes and Noble's Valentine's Day sale for you.

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If you think this list may be beneficial to someone you know, please send it to them or share them on your favourite social networking sites. I'll let you know when the next Barnes and Noble Weekend book sale begins. In the meantime, I hope this list provides you with the book deals you desire. 

My Follow Friday - The Write Worship

I came across The Write Worship some time ago by accident. The striking thing that first impressed me about this blog was the charming and peaceful way in which the writer conveys her thoughts. I follow the blog, not only because it beautifully outlines the path to being published, but because of the way the author demonstrates her talent in weaving the most beautiful phrases and sentences.
The Write Worship is a place where writers and readers meet and discuss their love and passion for the creative side of writing. The blog writer, Tamika, also has a tremendously positive way of looking at life and the ways of the world.

The write worship is indeed a place to go when you feel blessed or when you're stuck for inspiration of what to write next. This blog is an all encompassing site to fill your spiritual needs as both a write and a reader. You're guaranteed to come away filled and inspired. 

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Predictive Dialling

How do you respond to events and occasions that peel your concentration off your writing?

Lately I've been receiving a lot of phone calls with no one on the other end. The phone rings until I pick it up.  I say 'hello, hello', but there is no one on the other end. I can sometimes hear a slight noise in the background, but nothing else happens.

This is particularly annoying because it happens in the middle of the day when I’m completely engrossed in writing. I usually have to clear my head and readjust my thoughts to what I was doing before I was interrupted – for no reason at all.

Lately I’ve found out that  call centres use something called the predictive dialer Your number is stored in the system and is not necessarily rung by a 'person' at the other end. With this automated system, it's sometimes possible to be called when a live operator is not in place to take the call. 
I find this appalling, especially since I do my writing work from home. Many times I ask for my number to be taken off their system. I'm always assured that this will happen, only to be called a few days later by the same company. And the cycle begins again....

Have you been caught in the wave of predictive dialling? As a writer working from home, how do you deal with this?

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Second Hand Books

On occasion, I share worthwhile information on books, publishing, writing and writing jobs here on A Blogger's Books. After all, that's the very purpose of this blog. How can we become great writers if we do not first read good books? How can we develop our novel skill if we do not first test out our abilities in small chunks of writing work?

I recently came across a really useful website which enables students to buy and sell used college textbooks at fantastic rates. In this current economic climate, this is the perfect solution for excessive student bills and added costs of studying. My husband is a University lecturer, so I’m aware of many of the difficulties college students are carrying around on their shoulders.

If you're finding it difficult to keep up with costs, this is certainly a site you'll want to check out. It's terribly easy to navigate around and stocks over 100 million books, on a wide range of subjects. 

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Blogger Tutorials: Lesson 2 - Blog Posts

So you've started your blog and have been careful to use targeted keywords to write your tag line and describe your site. The next step is to write your charming and entertaining blog post. How you blog is very important to the success of your site. This article was created to help you write better

How important is your post
It's the nutrient to your site. Your post is what keeps your visitors coming back and paying interest in you and what you write. Think carefully about what you create and who you're creating it for. Read these punctuation lessons and make sure you're at least competent. Interesting and compelling content is marred if it's littered with grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Furthermore, blogging about things that do not hold your interest will eventually seep through your writing and cause your readers to lose interest too. 
  • Teach your readers. People surf the Internet to gain information.
  • Question them. Always leave them with something to think about.
  • Help them. Readers appreciate this.
  • Show them something new - a different way of looking at old beliefs.
  • Entertain them. People like to laugh.
  • Be original. Always add your personality into what you write. 
What do you post
Of course it's your blog, so you have a right to post whatever you want. However, keep in mind all the research you put into naming your blog (the first article in this series) and resolve to make blog posts about your targeted subject. The only way search engines will offer up your site when people search for terms you cover, is if these phrases can be found intelligently scattered all over your blog.

Whinging Wednesday - Mobile Phone Nuisance

My husband often travels to work by train because his office is in a city which is two and a half hours away. His favourite complaint is about noisy people in 'quiet' carriages. They actively ignore carriages where everyone is chatting and playing with their phones, to sit in  the designated 'quiet' carriages to indulge in loud activities. One would think that if you plan on being noisy, the last place you'll choose to sit is in an area other than the quiet zone.

Anyway, last week I had to go to Wales on the train. Usually, I do this trip by car, but because I was going to an entirely new place and wasn't sure about how to get there, taking the train was a better option for me. I'm usually a stressed traveller. I'm terrible at finding my way around so I depend heavily on directions from the station announcers and arrival/departure boards. In the waiting area, was a woman sitting beside me loudly chatting on her phone oblivious to everything around her. Trains came and went, doors slid and shut, but on she went, babbling and cackling on her little sweet box glued to her ear.

There was a slight change in the my train journey. While the boards were being updated, the announcer informed us of the new plans. As the voice on the loudspeaker rose, the woman beside me talked even louder into her phone. I strained my ears to hear what was being said about my train, but the constant squealing next to me drowned out any chance I had of comprehension. When the voice paused for breath, so did the woman. As the voice started to speak again, so did she - into her phone. When the voice rose in pitch, so did she (I suppose so that the person with whom she spoke could hear her better). She ignored the fact that people sitting in the waiting room with her actually wanted to hear the announcement. The only thing important to her was passing time chatting about nothing on her mobile phone.

How inconsiderate!

Years ago I remember thinking how convenient mobile phones were. Now I think they're a big fat nuisance. Inconsiderate people everywhere have found their place in society. They pollute the world with their consistent and inconsequential babbling. Now that they have mobile phones, we all have to suffer as we listen to them go on and on and on; constant rubbish tumbling out of their mouths.

Whinge finished. What winds you up?

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Free, Quick English Lessons Online

The following list of free, quick English lessons online was written by a qualified and experienced  TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher. In different parts of the world (including London), I taught students from various cultures and languages to speak English.  I’ve created a series of writing tools as reference points for both students seeking to better their use of the written English, and also for speakers of foreign languages learning to write English correctly.

These tutorials are in no way all-encompassing. They are basic lessons expressed in the simplest way possible to help the target audience achieve their goal.


Free, quick English lessons online

Below are the various tutorials. Click on the one you wish to view. Note: the posts immediately below go to a top writing site I contribute articles to. 
Writing Tone
Using the Apostrophe
Punctuation Mistakes Part 1
Punctuation Mistakes Part 2
How to Use Inverted Commas, Brackets and Capital Letters
When to Use Commas

Other English lessons on this blog

Words Writers Misuse
British or American English 
Common Misused Words in English
Common Spelling Mistakes on Your Blog
Editing Fails: How Not To Edit (pictures)
Using You're and Your

And when you've mastered the basics above, here are some intermediate and advanced learning that will help you move forward. You can also arrange youSMSTS Training here.


Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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