Harry The Happy Caterpillar Grows

Harry The Happy Caterpillar Grows is a new book written by Cindy Jett to help children adapt to change.

How do you talk to a young child about their resistance to a change in routine, the fear of starting school, or moving to a new area? As adults, we know that change is a part of life, but very often young children want to keep things as they are. It makes them feel safe. A new picture book, “Harry the Happy Caterpillar Grows” by Cindy Jett  addresses how to help children when they fear change.

The story centers on Harry, a caterpillar who has a fantastic life full of games, friends, school and leaf eating. He is stunned when, one day at caterpillar school, he learns that he is expected to  build a chrysalis and change into a butterfly. Harry vows to remain a caterpillar forever, as his friends build their chrysalises and move on.  Eventually, Harry  learns to accept change as a necessary part of life, and  joins his friends as a butterfly. There are tips in the back of the book to help parents and educators use the story as a vehicle to help kids talk about their feelings, and teach them coping strategies.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Kathy Voerg. It  is appropriate for children ages 4-10, and is part of New Horizon Press's “Let's Talk” series for young children.

Cindy Jett is a licensed clinical social worker. She has a masters degree from the National Catholic School of Social Service, and has had a psychotherapy practice in Washington, DC for ten years.

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myletterstoemily August 10, 2010 at 4:44 AM  

what a brilliant idea! this should be
of tremendous help to an unhappy
or frightened child.

thank you for sharing.

Icy BC August 10, 2010 at 10:48 PM  

Sounds like a wonderful book for my nephew! Thanks Anne!

Anne Lyken-Garner August 11, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

Thanks, Lea and Icy. Yes, it would be great for a child who's just starting school.

Anonymous December 14, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

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