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Judging from the amount of traffic I received on my post, Do You Get Paid To Blog, it's clear that many bloggers - even those who're newbies to the web scene - are interested in earning some extra money blogging.

On A Blogger's Books I carry an entire section called, Writing opportunities where writers and bloggers alike can find all types of paid writing jobs to suit their niche. Today I want to tell you about a blogging-specific earning opportunity which you can all be a part of. 

CSN Stores are currently carrying out a major Internet campaign and need your help. In my opinion - and experience (and according to my friend) they're great to work with, and deliver what they say they will - on time! If you're able to do a well-written, entertaining or informative blog post, then you stand a chance of being selected to write a review for this company. 

Proxy 3

My eyes were open to how small the Internet makes our world, when my e-mail systems refused to work recently. After trying every trick I know (including asking my husband for help) I had to give in and call the helpline. It turned out that the person who answered my wild plea for help lived in India and spoke little English with a very rich accent.

Before long, after taking some of my particulars, he was controlling the mouse on my laptop. Incredible, isn’t it? This man sitting in a country on the other side of the world was able to log into my computer, in my living room and take control of my mouse. One of the things he said to me was, ‘See your mouse moving around there on your screen? That’s me controlling it.’

Do You Get Paid To Blog

So how about you, do you get paid to blog? Many bloggers are now realising that you can combine pleasure with a little business on the side. Blogging, for many is still only a hobby - done whenever they have a spare hour or so. For the rest of us, blogging has become a large part of earning some extra cash.

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This is a short blog post to demonstrate how simple it is to earn money blogging, by using targeted words, terms and phrases.

Obviously, your blog has to meet certain criteria. Many paid-to-blog sites demand some or all of the following: You have to have regular, good-quality posts. They have to be in English and not only exist for paid blogging. This means that at least half your posts have to be articles (pictures) etc, for which you haven't been paid. 

Online Freebies

A Blogger's Books has just come across a site that genuinely gives away free stuff. We have a reputation to keep here, so we're obliged to pass on any news of affordable, great deals, or indeed, freebies

This is a short post just to inform you of great deals that can be had by you, the reader. This site offers not only free books, Internet-related, blogging-related, or writing-related items, but an abundance of all kinds of  free samples. There are opportunities to get free samples by mail/online. Or you could just browse to find outnwhat's on offer for your individual requirements in the areas of music, software, movies, games, computers etc - all for free! 
It's the best free site on the web. Offers range from free cell phones or a free scholarship; to a free wedding or kitchen.

Amazon's Best Love-Books For Valentine's Day

Before I talk about Amazon's best love-books for Valentine's Day, I've got to tell you that the Kindle is not one of the best selling products on Amazon. It’s the best selling product on Amazon. My husband finally got one as a Christmas present. So far, he’s totally thrilled with it. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. It’s so easy to download books from anywhere you happen to be sitting (as long as there is WIFI nearby).

He takes the train to work and back. He has a 2-hour trip each way, so being able to download pdf documents on his Kindle to read on his journey is excellent. I never believed the hype surrounding the kindle. I doubted especially the readability feature which has no back-light on the screen whatsoever. Basically, it should look exactly like a book does – easy on the eyes with no glaring light. This, I found out, is precisely true. The plus is that you can even read it on the beach in bright sunlight. Because you only use one hand to 'turn' the pages, you can drink your tea or hold your loved one's hand while reading. 

How To Create An Adsense Channel For Your Blog

Today, as a continuing part of my Blogger Tutorials for newbies, I want to look at Adsense channels and why they're vital to bloggers across the board. 

You've just started your new blog. You chose the best possible name for your site. Then diligently did your research on domain name availability to get the most suitable available title. You added all the highly recommended gadgets, then set out to write knock-out posts. You signed up for Google adsense and waited to start earning, but unfortunately only pennies dribbled in. How do you know which ad units are earning you cash and which ones are only taking up valuable advertising space on your site? This is where channels come in.

We all know by now that some ads perform better than others. Picture ones earn you more money, for example. In addition, the position of your ad either catches the attention of your readers, or goes unnoticed. Adsense allows you to personalise the appearance of each ad. You can choose your own size, look, font and the colour of literally every part of your ad box. 

Earn Money Writing For Hard-Copy Publications (Update)

A Blogger's Books scourers the web to find well-paying writing jobs for you. You don't have to be an illustrious author to make money from your writing.

Can you write verses for greeting cards? Can you put together a recipe or a write up tips for glossy magazines? Are you a good with words? Can you write poetry or convey a real-life amusing situation?
Writing is not only about putting 100,000 words together. Modern needs have evolved to mean that people who are otherwise creative like Logo Designers, Web Designers, Website descriptive writers, or people who have particular expertise, can earn money writing.

Of course, your grammar and punctuation have to be perfect and you have to be able to write in the style that's best suited to online writing. When you've looked at the writing opportunities page (link below), peruse and bookmark this series of articles written specially for newbie online writers.

You can get paid well for doing any of the above, as well as writing short stories or novels. Have a look at my newly updated writing opportunities page and pick something that suits you.

Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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