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The How To Write An Article Online series is designed for creators of online content, new writers, and anyone looking to improve their article writing skill. Our first post in this series talked about good practices when writing an article. You can read it here: How To Write An Article Online: Good Practices. This post deals with developing the skill and technique needed to make your internet content stand out from the thick, muddy pools of the cyber slush pile. 

There're several ways you can make your articles positively stand out. This of course is what you’re aiming for as a serious writer. We're only going to skim the surface in this tutorial, and aim for the factors that are generally troublesome to the majority of online writers and creators.

How To Write An Article Online - 1

How to write an article online is designed for new writers and creators of online content (and for those looking to improve their skills). This shows you some good practices to keep your readers satisfied and informed even if they haven’t got the time to read your entire article. Watch out for the rest of this series by subscribing to this blog on the right. This series is beneficial for those wanting to start a career writing online; whether you're a new blogger, a freelance writer looking to break the online market, or someone seeking to write content for online sites that pay you to write for them. 
NB: There are some additional helpful links to get you started at the end of this tutorial. 
You can read the other parts of this tutorial here: How To Write An Article Online

Blog Tools You Need For 2012

Blog tools you need for 2012 will explore what you need for better blogging this year. Proper blog tools are essential in order to give your visitors the complete reader experience they deserve. Blog tools can also increase your earnings by making your blog more attractive, work more efficiently, and preform better in SEO results. I have - and am using the following tools for blogs and find them extremely helpful. Now it's your turn to try them. You can also go here for the best in Blogger tools if you're with Blogger. 

Startup Business

At this time of recession, it’s ironic that one of the fastest growing money-makers are people with a startup business. Writing e-books, blogging, and launching online businesses are all the rage these days and it seems like 1 in every 10 parent I meet has got a startup business. People always say everyone has got a book in them – and this may be the case. But nowadays it seems that everyone has got a business in them too! Many of us start our business and fail. Many go on to be quite successful and even move on to teaching others how to start their own business like this incorporate company in Hong Kong  

Blog Statistics: 2011 Numbers

My blog statistics in 2011 have been quite encouraging. It's really progressed in terms of page views and Google PR rating. (If you'd like to check yours, go here). I'd like to share some of these statistics with you because you're the reason A Blogger's Books is where it is today. Thank you. Here are my blog statistics for 2011. 

Blog statistics for 2011

Blog statistics for top 10 posts

Reverse Google Pagerank Algorithm

Reverse Google Pagerank Algorithm seems to be some sort of made up term to get high-ranking sites to link to various spam websites and suck some of their hard-earned pagerank. 
Have you received this letter? I just wanted to give you the heads-up. If you receive the following letter or anything like it, please do your research before adding any links to your site. If you know anything about an actual reverse Google pagerank algorithm please let me know so that I can update this post. 

Win Computer System For Your Office Space

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Yes, you read that right! I'm about to tell you how you can win a high-end computer system for your office space. Ideally, I'd just blurt it out, but I'll suffer you with a bit of prancing around first :-) You're all aware of how hard we work here to bring you the best deals when it comes to books, writing and all that cool stuff you do in your office space. Now we're at the start of a new year, we want to maintain that service, but we also want to add a new twist to A Blogger's Books. Our resolution is to bring you fun things like links to computer quizzes, contests (and hopefully some freebies along with them). 

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