Create Subheadings in Blogger

You can now easily create a subheading in Blogger with appropriate h1 and h2 fonts without adding extra coding.

See this page for the total list of Blogger new, updated features to help you blog better and improve your site significantly. 

Create subheadings in Blogger

create subheadings in blogger - click to enlarge

The first thing you would've noticed when you attempted to write a new post since the updates was the new tools bar in 'post composition' mode. We've had to do without h1 font size for a long time. As you know, this size of font is very important for SEO on your blog. It's the biggest size font you could have on your blog. It tells search engines that whatever is written in that  font is very important to the page and indeed to the entire site.

To access your h1 tag go to 'Create new post'. Highlight the word/words you want to make bigger and click on  your 'Normal' panel (see image above). Toggle around with the 4 options a bit. Create subheadings in Blogger above is the 'heading' font which is the biggest one. Use subheadings to start your new paragraphs or to divide sections in your post. These all help Google to identify what your posts are about.

I hope you've switched to the new Blogger dashboard, but if you haven't, I'm sure it still applies. If you would like to switch and enjoy all the new blogger goodies, just go to your dashboard and click on the link that asks you if you'd like to switch.

Don't forget to read up on the other new features Blogger has just introduced for greater SEO and visibility on the Internet. Go to the link above for more. You can also access more helpful articles like this one on our How Do I Blog page.


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