Use Freelance Blogging to Get a Job After Graduation

It's sensible to use freelance blogging to get a job after graduation because bloggers come in all shapes and forms. If you’re a current student, blogging may seem like a waste of time, or something that just won’t work with your schedule. But, if you do some freelance writing work that doesn’t take too much time away from your studies and social activities, there are actually plenty of ways you can use that experience to help in your post-graduation job search. Here are the top steps to set up a great record of experience, and even make a few connections as a student blogger.

Use freelance blogging to get a job after graduation


1. Concentrate on building a reputation in one niche

Many freelancer writers try to expand their repertoire to include as many different subject areas as possible. You may see one blogger writing about anything from travel to finance to parenting, and this is  fine, but if you want to actively create a name for yourself as a new blogger, it helps to stick to one or two relevant niches where you feel most comfortable. The best way to do this is to think about what you would write about if no one was reading. What do you love? What do you have an opinion on that friends come to you for advice on? Once you know what comes most naturally to you, try to stick to writing within that vein. Using freelance blogging to get a job after graduation has to start small, and picking one niche makes this easier to build on.

Writer's Manifesto

I recently came across an image on Pinterest that had me sit up and take notice. It was a collection of quotes and advice for writers. The ideas were simple, but the effect overall was huge. We sometimes forget as writers, how important it is to be what we are. We lose ourselves in the process and forget the point. Sometimes, we even forget to write. Here is a selection of the 20 tips that form a writer’s manifesto:

Writer's Manifesto


Make time to write every day
Set realistic goals
Follow your heart, not the market
Don’t just start stories, finish them
Dream big
Learn the rules, follow the rules, break the rules
Solicit, accept and manage constructive criticism
Forget your ego
Give back
Write scared
Remember you are the master, not the slave
Don’t be lazy: outline, research, rewrite
Build a life that supports your writing
Love what you do
Write with joy
Remember why you started

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Writing

How to stop procrastinating and get writing is a guest post by Samantha Gray.
Research papers are a vital part of the dialogue that moves the scientific community forward, and an inevitable part of an online degree program — they can also be personally intimidating and a chore to write.  Just the thought of putting pen to paper can sometimes seem so gargantuan and so unpleasant that you will put if off and put it off until the pressure is on to complete your project. 
Student researchers are often prey to needless delay, self-sabotage, and any number of other behavioral manifestations that fall underneath the umbrella widely known as "procrastination."  But writers of every kind can identify with procrastination struggles, regardless of field, style, or form — even bloggers are all too familiar with procrastination.

How to stop procrastinating and get writing

how to stop procrastinating and get writing

Actually start writing

There has been a surge of interest in the source and correction of procrastination across the social spectrum, with students being highest on the list.  But much of this research is purely quantitative and doesn't offer concrete solutions to the problem of procrastination - especially in writing.

Build Your Blog's Credibility: For Beginners

No matter if you're a journalist, novelist, or blogger, there's one thing you must have in order to build a successful career as a writer: credibility. Credibility will help you make a name for yourself and acquire loyal readers. But credibility isn’t something that is obtained over night; it's something that's earned over time. There are some starting points that can help you earn that credibility however, especially if you're starting with the very basics: a blog.
Build your blog's credibility: for beginners is a guest post by Jane Smith

Build your blog's credibility: for beginners

State your source to build your blog's credibility

First and foremost, you must always state your sources. It's always encouraged to come up with a blogpost entirely original—something that has never been written about before. Originality alone can earn you credibility. But since there are so many bloggers out there, a lot of topics have already been covered. And chances are you'll end up writing an article that you were "inspired" to do after reading someone else's blog or news site. That's fine. Tons of creative people get inspiration from other people's work. However, you need to ensure that you don't come off as a plagiarizer and actually give credit where it's due, especially if the articles appear too similar.  

Promo Day 2012

THE event for the writing industry is back!

Promo day is an annual event for people in the writing industry dedicated to promoting, networking and learning. This years event will take place on Saturday 19th May 2012 at the brand new website 

The online event organized by Jo Linsdell has evolved since its humble begins on the writers personal website and grown into a world-recognized event attracting thousands of visitors from around the globe.

The 2012 event promises to be the best yet with the launch of the new website and internationally renowned workshop presenters. The program is filled with fabulous and knowledgeable presenters and workshop topics are ones you can sink your teeth into. You'll be sure to come away with valuable connections via the networking areas and have opportunities to promote your own work and services throughout the day.

This unique event is completely free to attend and registration is now open via the website homepage. Once you're signed up you will be emailed the password to gain access to the forums where the conference takes place.

Since its inception in 2007, Promo Day has been incredibly successful and is a 'must-attend' for everyone in the writing industry.

Saturday 19th May 2012

Ripper, My Love: A Novel By Glynis Smy

Today writer/poet, Glynis Smy adds author/novelist to her name. Her debut novel; Ripper, My Love, is launched in ebook format and paperback. The genre for this love story falls into the one of Historical Romance Suspense.

Ripper, My Love

ripper_my_loveGrowing up in late nineteenth century East London, Kitty Harper’s life is filled with danger and death – from her mother, her beloved neighbour and the working women of the streets.

With her ever-watchful father and living surrogate family though, Kitty feels protected from harm. In fact, she feels so safe that while Whitechapel cowers under the cloud of a fearsome murderer, she strikes out on her own, moving into new premises to accommodate her sewing business.

But danger is closer than she thinks. In truth, it has burrowed itself right into her heart in the form of a handsome yet troubled bachelor, threatening everything she holds dear. 

Will Kitty fall prey to lust – and death – herself, or can she find the strength inside to fight for her business, sanity and her future? And who is the man terrifying the streets of East London?

Anne's a published author, freelance writer and experienced editor. She's just signed her second publishing contract this year with 2 separate publishing houses. You can hire her or see her available books in the side panel on the right.
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